Sunday, June 22, 2014


I'm double posting today otherwise I will never get caught up.

Once I announced that I would be doing my utmost best to get home this summer my sister took matters into her own hands to plan a surprise party for me. There is just one little problem with that, we absolutely stink at keeping any sort of secrets from each other. I have always told the girls, my life is an open book, ask me anything and I will tell you the truth. We keep no secrets from each other and that is pretty much how my famalam works too. So keeping this party a surprise was impossible.

The first person to say something was Colin, then I sort of messed things up without knowing it and from there it just snowballed. We arrived last Sunday and a surprise (cough cough) party was planned for the following Saturday. Everysingleperson said something about it, every single one with the exception of my Auntie Ann who didn't know it was a surprise yet she kept quiet. All by accident they would mention it, it was hilarious and became a running joke. At least now my girls know that when I say, no secrets in this family, they know it is true. LOL.

On Wednesday my BIL had to go into work to find out how much longer he would have his job for, it was all rather worrying and he left early in the evening and I stayed up with my sister trying not to think about it but failing miserably. At about 11.30 I suggested I would go to bed so that if he came home with bad news they could talk but she insisted I stay up with her. OK.

I don't remember exactly what time we heard his car pull up outside but I know I was more concerned about what the news was than anything else. The door opened and I popped my head around and couldn't imagine why he had bought someone home with him. As I looked I realised it wasn't his daughter and then I realised that the person looked familiar but I couldn't place them. The reason I couldn't place them was because they didn't belong in my sisters house. The meeting had been a ruse, Andy had driven back to the airport and picked up my Sista from Another Mista.

To say I surprised was an understatement! How the hell they managed to pull that off I still don't know. The crafty dodgers had pulled of the biggest suprise of all, Jakie had flown to England to celebrate my 50th.

I'm not sure what time we all went to bed but the girls were up early and when they saw Jakie it was priceless.

I really do have an incredible sister and BIL. My brother didn't want to know about it as he knew he would blow it sky high, he was the biggest offender. Sally stopped talking to him and only gave updates to Jon, they calm one!


  1. What a great surprise.....obviously someone did manage to keep one!

  2. on this occasion I am lost for words.