Monday, April 28, 2014

not wearing an orange jumpsuit

I shot off an email to the rightful owners of the artwork that I pilfered on Friday. I didn't expect to hear anything over the weekend but I did expect to hear from them this morning. I didn't. I kept checking my phome between appointments. When I was finally able to come home the first thing I did was call them. I came clean immediately and the girl on the other end laughed and told me she had read my email but had got busy and hadn't had time to get back to me.

They were all so nice. So nice. The good news is I get to keep the whimsical art pieces and header, as long as it says their name, and it does. I will add credit to them in the sidebar. I now want to add that they are fabulous with the most fun and whimsical art pieces. I went ahead and placed an order for myself.

Go check them out for yourself at Curly Girl Designs

Mothers day is just around the corner and they have some fabulous gifts perfect for Mums. (that's what mine are what if I have to buy my own now!)

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