Saturday, April 26, 2014

double standards

As a parent it is my job to teach my children right from wrong, among many other things. Daily I teach them various examples of this and I will never stop. It is a natural process that is done mostly through example.

Yesterday as I set up this very blog I inadvertantly ripped someone off. Nice huh?

My last blog, the Eggrolls one, I had designed for me, I paid a fee and someone designed exactly what I wanted. We chatted a couple of times and that was it. Done dealio, I owned it lock stock and barrel. So, when I set this one up at lightening speed, I hit Google images for some sidebar art and then I just slapped it on. It wasn't until this morning when I came back to do some fine tuning that I realised, holy crap, this image has a name on it, uh oh. I freaked a little bit whole lot and nearly just hit the, delete blog, button.

Instead I went to the web address and found a contact button and sent an email. I'm hoping to be able to make everything right somehow and not get thrown in the slammer. I really don't look well in orange, it's my pale English skin. Oh and retaining attorneys is expensive.

Once I hear back from "them" I'll fill you in.

Hope the girls are really old before they read about the double standards their mother had and how she was a thief.


  1. Hope "them" are understanding and kind!

  2. Oh you are "one of them" that they are always talking about!!!!!