Sunday, October 9, 2016

a project for rosie

Last year as we packed away any decorations from any holiday I would put most of them aside and give them to the women's shelter. We had way too many and frankly I didn't care for most of them, they were just tacky and yuck.

As I was reading Lil Blu Boo  a week or so ago I realised I needed to do her Halloween project with Rosie. She gave a full tutorial. If it were up to me I wouldn't have followed it step by step I would have walked my own path but Rosie is 9 and she follows directions well!! (sometimes).

I have to add that my Michaels didn't have anything listed, not even the paint colours so we dashed all over town and went to various stores. Thankfully as you know I have a massive spray paint collection so that was lucky.

I love how this turned out and even Lily got involved and painted a couple of pieces herself. Rosie has chosen a tin to keep everything in and is looking forward to seeing it again and again.

I had to cut my own houses.
we sprayed then sanded and sprayed again. 
Paint pens.....magic
coming together
I love it.

I might have to plead temporary insanity on this one:
a Halloween tree. OMG I love it. I already had the tree and who could resist those little pumpkins?
If it didn't make me so happy I might just be ashamed.