Friday, October 7, 2016

pardon the interruption

Dear participants in life
please pardon this interruption as Hurricane Matthew comes hammering through. Everything will be topsy turvy for 24 hours and then you can resume all normal activities.


Thankfully and luckily for us, this time we were a little far south and Matthew decided to leave us well alone. Insert huge sigh of relief. But since we were expected to get clobbered with some pretty intense tropical storm force winds we secured the house, bought in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from outside  and decided to take heed of the evacuation orders and get out of dodge. One little wobble and we were in the direct path of a cat 4 storm. No thanks, been there done that.

I grabbed all the insurance polices and the girls and we headed out.

Our drive was like this most of the time

Desolate, wet and grey. 
Once we reached our hotel, which was quite deserted since I went south as opposed to west, which is where the entire State of Florida headed. I was sitting at my computer yesterday morning at 4 o'clock and could not find a hotel vacancy anywhere from Marco Island to Ft Myers. I also heard on the news that the 2 roads crossing the State were going to be gridlocked. What to do. I studied the hurricane projection map closely and decided to head south. The Keys are always the first place to be evacuated in any storm yet they were the only place on this coast not being evacuated and we also not even under a tropical storm threat. Made sense to me so we went. The feeder bands went through on and off all day the news stations assured us that things would only get worse. I knew we were safe and if all hell broke loose at the house I knew the girls wouldn't be traumatised from it.

 Later the same day
our view from our roo. even the palm trees aren't moving
we went for a quick walk
the peanut found her boat
all the boats we inland to keep them safe...they were safe.
Things got a little nasty later on in the evening but for the most part we escaped unscathed. I am truly thankful for this.

We drove home this morning and saw a few trees down close to the house, small ones but no flooding which is unheard of around here.

Sadly this is what we are now waiting for
go home Matthew, you are drunk!

I can't even think about it. I just can't.

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