Friday, December 18, 2015


Five years ago I heard of this fun little Christmas tradition called an Elf on a Shelf. Oh the first year was brilliant and each morning both girls would gleefully dash downstairs to see what sort of mischief their dear Norman had got into over night. Fast forward five years and I have scoured, the internet, pained over Pinterest, pulled my hair out and racked my brain for ideas for this annoying little imp. This year he even arrived late and I told Rosie not to expect much from him as he was an Elf and Elves have years much like dogs so one of our years was 14 in Elf years so Norman is now a geriatric elf and not prone to doing much of anything anymore. Then of course I was riddled with guilt and had to up my game a bit. #$%&   Frickin' elf.

Then the guilt was compounded by a seemingly innocent conversation with someone that went along these lines, well she is 8 and won't believe in Santa for much longer so you have to make the most of it. It had nothing to do with Norman but it just hit home. So Norman was resurrected and I put my game face on. I set a reminder on my phone and upped the anti a bit. So far I have repeated nothing from years past and even though there has been nothing truly epic Rosie has been delighted.

Here are a few examples.
He applied a full face of make up
Went on a safari and was looking for animals
Decorated Lily's Christmas tree with a whole lot of monkeys
Had a sleigh accident and had to use a wheelchair for a couple of days 
Became a lumberjack and tried to cut down our tree 
with a cheese knife
wrapped himself up and hid under the tree
played trapeze artist on the advent calender and also added magnets to it
got into a spot of bother.
~he also cut out paper snowflakes and put them EVERYWHERE
 ~went for a joy ride in my car and parked it really badly
~got completely tangled in the basket ball net'
 ~snuck into bed with Rosie

 I think it's utter rubbish that the kids aren't meant to touch him and I also think its nuts that he goes and tells Santa about their behaviour. Nothing like scaring the crap out of the kids with this creepy spy living in your house so I have changed the rules. Rosies teacher lets the kids take them to school so Norman gets to go to school each day. He always wears one sock!!!!

 Sadly we haven't seen our old friend Spuds this year. He appears to have gone to a different family. I wonder................................

 I would like to be able to report that the girls are excited about going home but this isn't the case...they are overly excited, as am I.


  1. The wonder of believing........we have to keep it it going as long as we can:) I am so happy you are going to see your family for Christmas! Have a wonderful trip & stay safe.

  2. I refuse to do elf. My life is just too busy! Hope you had a Happy New Year!

  3. That is so awesome!! We had a couple of crazy findings with Red, but for the most part, he just moved around. Norman is just hilarious! I agree ~ they are only little for so long. I want to make the most of it too.