Thursday, February 5, 2015

my bedroom

I'm still doing bits here and there but for the most part my room is done. It was really important to me to declutter. Clutter makes me tense and feel out of control. Years ago I had a larger house with a lot less stuff and I loved it that way. I do not like "things" however 2 little people that live with me lurve things.

I don't have any before photos, again but I did find this one of Rosie in my bed and you can get a general idea. Dark, drab and sad. And green more old people green.

I have stripped the walls of all photos, and pictures with the exception of 3 very special ones. One is the sign the girls made for me and the other 2 are sayings, or as I like to think of them, single Mama, mantras.
The other is identical to this but is the saying from my blog header.

The other very special piece in my room is a box, with contents, that belonged to my Grandma. My daddio restored it and gave it to me.

The colours in my room are the same as downstairs. I love the brightness and freshness of the gray and call it, English summer sky.

Note to self: fix wonky lampshade
My box
lily is hiding in the bathroom.
It looks a little sterile from the photos but it isn't at all. I still get quite giddy every time I walk in there. The best part of all is that I now have a massive closet all to myself.


  1. English summer sky.....perfect name. Closet all to yourself.....even more so! I know you fixed that lampshade as soon as you looked at the pic...teehee!

  2. It looks fantastic, nothing clinical about it, loving your mama mantras they are so true.
    I can not believe u posted the wonky lamp shade lol

  3. I love the wonky lamp shade! But it would drive me nuts and I would straighten it too. ;) Your bedroom is lovely!!

  4. Your bed looks so cozy. I could take nap there right now! so tired today!