Monday, December 22, 2014

festival of lights

Do you receive a load of emails, things you have signed up for but really don't want to read. I do. I receive so many every day that I tend to just hit delete to clear them out and never ever read them. One of the ones I delete is from Pinecrest Gardens, a beautiful garden and park quite close by. I don't know what made me think of looking for an old email to see what was going on for Christmas but thank goodness I did.

A festival of lights to celebrate the life of Bella, a little girl who lost a very courageous battle with cancer a year ago. All proceeds were donated to her foundation. The cost of admission was minimal.

I had to giggle at a few of the light displays cos nothing says Christmas like an alligator. In case you think it is because it is Christmas in Florida, explain the Koala bear.  That being said it was a beautiful setting, there was a Girl Scout troop caroling  and Santa made an appearance and of cause, pony rides????? Not sure how the pony rides fit in either but they were there so we did.

Sleigh ride. Hey we have no snow this is as good as it gets. 
Charlie Brown and Lucy with a dreidel
an elf on a gator.
Ah yes, a Christmas Koala
my favourite part
my elves
a very orange nutcracker
A christmas pony ride.
live Like Bella
This was the exit is was a tunnel of lights, the kids loved it.We had to wait ages to be able to go through it alone.
Pinecrest Gardens is huge, it used to house the Parrot Jungle until a few years back. The light display only takes up a minimal part of it and if you weren't careful you would head down a dark unlit pathway. When it happened it would scare the pants off the kids and I found it so funny. Lily is terrified of the dark and I am not keen either. The unlit areas truly were pitch black. It was down one of these unlit areas that I noticed these huge statue things but I couldn't figure out what it was so I snapped a photo with the flash to get a better look. I was so impressed.
being left handed and using a right handed camera allows me to screw up the flash every single time. grrrr
These are amazing right?
apparently they represent the seasons, that is all I know
I love them.


  1. Would you please explain to me why the bigger of your two elves(YRH) looks so tall & so grown up? Tell her to stop! The christmas lights are so funny!

  2. What a lovely outing. Wish you were in the pictures too.

  3. What a pretty place! Looks like you all had so much fun! I went to the Parrot Jungle as a kid. :) And my grandmother also took me one year to the Enchanted Forest. I've forgotten how many cool places there are in FL to go and visit!