Friday, August 1, 2014

fun in the sun for one

The house we were staying at had a pool, now you would think my girls are already waterlogged enough without needing to be in the pool for fun but not so apparently. They loved being able to flop into the pool whenever they fancied it.

Rosie was much more excited about it than Lily. When you put Lily in a pool she swims, when you put Rosie in a pool, antics happen.
now sideways
ninja style
the peanut gallery.
The pups are terrified of the pool. The home owners son was home visiting when they were teeny tiny and threw them in to teach them how to swim. It backfired. Matt doesn't have a cruel bone in his body it just didn't go as planned and now when they even see you in a bathing suit, and I have no how idea how they can tell, they run away. Poor babies. We would leave them in the house and call them out to the far end of the patio where there was no water splashed and would sit with them for a minute and then let them back in so the girls could carry on, guilt free.


  1. Great pics..... you really nailed the action in those. As for the peanut gallery so dang cute! Molly is the same way....loves water, loves to get her face wet but put her in over her head & she panics.

  2. Rosie looks like she's getting much taller.

  3. Love Rosie's style! And those pooches are adorable.

  4. Such cute dogs! And as to your OCD and pets, you just need to get a little poodle or poodle mix (one of the designer dogs). You won't have the hair problem. I want a lab/poodle or golden/ little dog for me. My first dog when I was little was a standard black poodle, and she was just a wonderful dog. My mom just clipped her like a normal dog, no poo poo cut. And as to Rosie - nice style!!