Tuesday, July 29, 2014

survived, both the 4 and 2 legged

We are home again after our dog sitting spree and I am happy to report that the both dogs survived and were not depressed, harmed, maimed or most importantly, lost, after 11 days in our care. I am as shocked as you at that news.

The girls had a great time, loved it in fact. They adore Zoe and Mia, more than I do and loved being away for a few days. The dogs loved having them. One night they spent with their father and I went back to the house alone and was greeted by 4 seconds of crazy before the dogs realised I was alone and then they just stared at me and walked off. I do believe they were miffed.

I was a little unsure about Rosie and dogs for that amount of time as she gets so excited around them and i was convinced she wouldn't know when to back off and would end up wounded but she rose (pun intended) to the occasion beautifully and was the absolute best helper. She fed they every night and took charge on every single walk. I'm still scratching my head at this. Lily was more a hands off dog helper. She loved the attention she could give the dogs and the attention she received in return but the feeding, walking, letting in, letting out, letting in, letting out, walking and general care of did not impress her at all. She did love having a dog sleep curled up on her bed with her, I on the other hand, DID NOT.

We had many laughs at some of the very silly antics that the dogs got up to. One of my favourites was watching them chase squirrels around their garden. From the second we opened the door and they tore off in pursuit they had it all figured out, divide and conquer. Thankfully they never managed the conquer part. The lizards on the other hand were not so lucky. Many times I could be heard begging Mia to please release the lizard, please please put it down before you get anywhere near the house. She listened.
Lily and Mia.
Every evening once the temps dropped below 90 we would head out for a walk. 
Oh please can I have some, please. This surprised me as the dogs get NO people food at all. When we sat down to eat they walked away, so when Mia climbed in for a snack I found it hilarious. She got a lot closer than that. 
It's good to be home and pet free. Sorry girls but it is NOT happening. Nope. I am 100% sure about it now. It has nothing to do with these dogs, they are sweet and kind but I saw what it's really all about and I'm now convinced that my OCD would not be able to handle it. I believe that all dogs should be kept in a house and never outside, I just hate to see that but my house just isn't the house. They are animals, why not just invite in a horse? My siblings must be laughing their heads off. I grew up with every kind of animal and we always always had dogs. What happened to me?


  1. well done Dawn, least you gave it a try....all power to you for that......I do understand though.

  2. OMG....that pic of Mia begging from Rosie is too funny! I'm still convinced you haven't met the right dog yet! I know Molly could win you over.

  3. Pookie is an indoor dog and (almost) never goes outside. He is paper/pad trained, has his own potty tray area, and does not shed or drool. Since he is barely 14 pounds, he gets lots of exercise indoors. And Jade and I are always home to keep him company. I totally understand why you don't want a dog though!