Wednesday, July 16, 2014

surfs up

The girls and I were in Michaels, the craft store, a few weeks ago and for reasons that I just do not understand as it is a craft store, they had boogie boards. The girls oohed and ahhed all over them and announced that they were only $5. I snapped up 2 of them and we left.

Yesterday I finally had a day free of obligations and once we got home from morning swim I asked the girls if they wanted to head to the beach.

Please excuse the colour of our ocean, it has something to do with the time of year and a particular reed that is prevalent now. It stains everything brown. Looks like nasty old river water.

Best $5 I've spent in ages.
Someone tried surfing...
It didn't go well
the other one just hauled "boogie" through the water
then a spot of lunch was in order
beach bum
A huge storm was rolling around in the distance and at 2 o'clock on the nose it got pretty black so I called Uncle. No sooner than we got to the car it poured, and the thunder boomed. When we got home Lily very nonchalantly commented that she didn't realise the beach was so far away. It isn't it took over an hour to get home because of the storm and the traffic! #Obliviousbackseatrider.


  1. What a nice morning you all had! Boy, I remember those Miami afternoon thunderstorms!! ;)

  2. So that's where those afternoon storms are coming from....we've had some doozies this year! Difference is we don't get to surf in the ocean first!