Saturday, June 21, 2014

we are back.

We got home a couple of hours ago. I am trying really really hard to stay awake until at least 10.30 so what better thing to do to occupy my weary head than to blog?

I have a kazillion billion photos to go through but that can wait, if I start editing them now I might end up deleting them by mistake.

This was, by far, the best trip home in many many visits. We had a blast from the second we got off of the plane. I may have failed to mention before I left that I was going over to celebrate a birthday, a substantial one but more on that later. We just had a really really great time and truly didn't want to come home. Rosie started crying 2 days ago and Lily, who doesn't cry, read a sad book on the plane and then burst into tears and decided heading back to Miami was the worst thing EVAH. Sigh.  Many friends asked me if I was planning on coming back, all I can say to that is: Interpol, FBI, kidnapping. Hello peeps, yes I would love to live back in England and have all my family around not only for me but for the girlies but that crap is illegal. So here we are, sad but back.

Having flown through the night we spent a low key day on Sunday. My sister picked us up at the airport and by the time we got close to home her hubby rang to tell her to go straight to Daddys house and meet up there, so we did. After a qucik lunch we headed to the park that is right behind his house and the kidlets wasted no time finding their favourite zipwire.

It's fun if you just push off but if you have a whole family pushing you off, well that is much better
She loves it
Funny girl
Andy would push Lily so hard she bounce off of the end.
Getting a little help from a firend
crazy kid
and it wasn't just the kids who had fun, oh no.
Crazy Auntie sally
Following that madness we walked to the end of the "rec" and went down to the river.
You just can't beat the English countryside
Lots of people out in the sunshine.
Rosie loves this spot
we had company and she wasn't happy. A little dog kept barking at her and she was guarding her nest. Look how beautiful she looks with her feathers all ruffled.
By the time we left the cricket had started so we watched for a few minutes.
It was the perfect start to this holiday.


  1. Welcome back. You were missed! Lovely pics.....makes me very homesick!

  2. Glad you got back safely.....And Happy Solstice to you.xxxxxcolin

  3. I hope someday you can go back with the girls for good, but in the meantime, that you can make many more of these memorable trips!